Some exercises, and here

Some exercises, and here Two fingers, average and index, we lead round a contour figures, and then we insert it into a frame opening.

Some exercises, and here we already put figures in a framework blindly.

Page I learned to learn many figures square, circle, rectangle, oval, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, ninesquare, decagon.

It was easy to me to learn all these words, after all loose leaves such interesting!Intelligent reading Children master intelligent readin as well as in Children's home, by means of cards.

The pupil chooses a card in the prepared series of a certain complexity, reads it silently, and then carries out the action specified in a card.

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But the increase

But the increase They some of this knowledge receive directly from adults, others from experience of own supervision and the activity, directed and directed by adults.

But the increase in a stock of knowledge cannot explain thinking development yet.

The matter is that assimilation of knowledge represents the solution of cogitative tasks, results from thinking.

The child simply will not understand explanations of the adult, will not take any lessons from a personal experience if will not manage to execute the cogitative actions directed on allocation of those communications and the relations to which to it adults point and on which the success of its activity depends.

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Only in a case

Only in a case Then light and convenient penalty was considered to send the child to sleep without a dinner to correct his malicious temper.

The practician arguing today that the child, preparing for vital difficulties, should pay attention to unpleasant things, reminds former careful parents.

Only in a case with a food for mentality there is no the hunger, forcing to swallow tasteless, cold food, a food indigestible, otuplyayushchy, poisonous.

So you will not bring up the strong spirit ready to everyday difficulties.

At the child who was eating up the cold remains, starving in the evenings, badly developed body is defenseless before external infections, he will fall ill.

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The fatigue

The fatigueFormation of mind should mean first of all this purpose.

Formation of mind its this rescuefrom the internal dangers threatening with an illness and death, this clarification from mistakes.

The fatigue from cramming does not form mind.

We well understand it, seein how many today unbalanced, mad people, there are even what seem absolutely healthy, but suddenly show the madness signs, capable to ruin all mankind.

We should care not of forcing the child to learn somethin but always to support in it light called by reason.

Even when it is necessary to devote it all life as ancient vestalka arrived.

But business of that costs.

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, I gave whose

, I gave whose The person is our lovely Joseph.

, which saw off me in school,He adored the horse who obeyed it in everything.

The box of paints is very beautiful.

, which the aunt presented to me for Christmas, At me such pencil what other children do not have.

Here money that you gave me.

Madeleine perfectly draws.

, I gave whose drawing to you, I live in such house where there is a lot of the sun.

There are days when it is pleasant to walk barefoot.

I live in the city, it is better which is not present on light.

Series Compound sentence with the different additional Additional in offers of this series explain not only a separate word, as in the previous phrases, but also the main clause as a whole.

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